Corporate Governance

Executive Team

Executive Team

Left to right (standing) Hau Thai-Tang, Karen Pitell, Kumar Galhotra, Bennie Fowler, Bruce Hettle, Kim Pittel, Jim Farley, Jr., Mark Fields, Joe Hinrichs, Dave Schoch, Raj Nair, Bob Shanks, Stephen Odell, Marcy Klevorn, Felicia Fields, Jim Hackett (seated) John Casesa, Bradley Gayton, Ray Day and Ziad Ojakli


  • William Clay Ford, Jr.
    Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board
  • Stephen G. Butler
  • Kimberly A. Casiano
  • Anthony F. Earley, Jr.
  • Mark Fields
  • Edsel B. Ford II
  • James H. Hance, Jr.
  • William W. Helman IV
  • Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.
  • William E. Kennard
  • John C. Lechleiter
  • Ellen R. Marram
    Lead Independent Director
  • Gerald L. Shaheen
  • John L. Thornton
  • Lynn M. Vojvodich
  • John S. Weinberg


  • Pictured from left to right (front row):
  • John Casesa
    Group Vice President, Global Strategy
  • Bradley M. Gayton
    Group Vice President and General Counsel
  • Ray Day
    Group Vice President, Communications
  • Ziad S. Ojakli
    Group Vice President,
    Government and Community Relations
  • (back row):
  • Hau Thai-Tang
    Group Vice President, Global Purchasing
  • Kimberly L. Pittel
    Group Vice President, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering
  • Kumar A. Galhotra
    Vice President and President, Lincoln
  • Bennie Fowler
    Group Vice President, Quality and New Model Launch
  • Bruce Hettle
    Group Vice President, Manufacturing and Labor Affairs
  • Joy Falotico
    Group Vice President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Credit Company
  • James D. Farley, Jr.
    Executive Vice President and President, Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Mark Fields
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Joseph R. Hinrichs
    Executive Vice President and President, The Americas
  • Dave Schoch
    Group Vice President and President, Asia Pacific
  • Raj Nair
    Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Global Product Development
  • Bob Shanks
    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Stephen T. Odell
    Executive Vice President, Global Marketing, Sales and Service
  • Marcy S. Klevorn
    Group Vice President, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
  • Felicia Fields
    Group Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Services
  • James P. Hackett
    Chairman, Ford Smart Mobility LLC


  • Steven R. Armstrong
    Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Ford of Europe
  • Joseph Bakaj
    Vice President, Product Development, Ford of Europe
  • Birgit A. Behrendt
    Vice President, Global Programs and Purchasing Operations
  • Stephen E. Biegun
    Vice President, International Governmental Affairs
  • Moray S. Callum
    Vice President, Design
  • Linda G. Cash
    Vice President, Manufacturing, Ford of Europe
  • Roelant de Waard
    Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford of Europe
  • William P. Dirksen
    Vice President, Labor Affairs
  • Robert J. Fascetti
    Vice President, Powertrain Engineering
  • Peter D. Fleet
    Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Service, Asia Pacific
  • Elena A. Ford
    Vice President, Global Dealer and Consumer Experience
  • Nigel C. Harris
    Vice President and President, Changan Ford Automobile Corporation Ltd.
  • James P. Holland
    Vice President, Vehicle Component and Systems Engineering
  • Gary A. Johnson
    Vice President, North America Manufacturing
  • Burt R. Jordan
    Vice President, Global Vehicle and Powertrain Purchasing and Supplier Diversity
  • Mark LaNeve
    Vice President, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service
  • John Lawler
    Vice President and Controller
  • Stuart J. Rowley
    Vice President, Strategy
  • William P. Russo
    Vice President, Manufacturing, Asia Pacific
  • Neil M. Schloss
    Vice President and Treasurer
  • Musa Tariq
    Vice President and Chief Brand Officer
  • Frederiek Toney
    Vice President and President, Global Ford Customer Service Division
  • Kenneth E. Washington
    Vice President, Research and Advanced Engineering
  • Lyle A. Watters
    Vice President and President, Ford South America
  • Trevor Worthington
    Vice President, Product Development, Asia Pacific

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