Corporate Governance


Ford has a long history of operating under sound corporate governance practices. Our corporate officers and board of directors are dedicated to serving the interests of our shareholders and creating long-term value.

  • Our Creating Value Roadmap Process is designed to ensure that our business manages risk and operates in a transparent and accountable way
  • Our board of directors includes a diverse range of international experience and includes a Lead Independent Director in addition to the CEO and Chairman
  • We have institutionalized the Creating Value Roadmap Process, which includes a Business Plan Review and a Special Attention Review process where the senior leadership of the Company regularly reviews the status of the business, the risk and opportunities presented to the business, and specific plans to address those risks and opportunities.
  • Our executives’ compensation is tied to performance against defined metrics that are aligned with our strategic objectives to incentivize focus on strengthening our business for the long term
  • Our shareholders are asked to approve executive compensation with an annual say-on-pay vote; investors supported the compensation of named executives with 96.5% percent of votes cast “for” in 2017 and 97.5% of votes cast “for” in 2018
  • We promote a culture of compliance and ethics across our business and around the world, formalized in company policies and reinforced by management and our brand promise to Go Further

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