At Ford, the value of our business is rooted in our purpose to help build a better world where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams.
That means creating a future that’s inclusive, equitable and sustainable, setting the pathway for a continued strong business for decades to come.
To achieve this, we are focused on investments in clean transportation, clean manufacturing, making lives better, and community revitalization.


In accordance with our sustainability strategy, Ford has established a holistic Ford and Ford Credit Sustainable Financing Framework (the “Framework”) under which it can obtain financing through Green, Social and Sustainability transactions.

Use of Proceeds
  • Projects related to clean transportation, clean manufacturing, making lives better, and/or community revitalization
  • A significant portion of the net proceeds of any Sustainable Financing is expected to be allocated to Clean Transportation
Project Evaluation and Selection
  • A Sustainable Finance Committee will oversee the project evaluation and selection process
  • Intend to fully allocate the net proceeds of each Sustainable Financing within 24 months of its issuance
  • Lookback period of 24 months
Management of Proceeds
  • Eligible Projects or Eligible Receivables will be tracked internally in a register comprising Eligible Projects for each Sustainable Financing
  • Separate portfolios will be tracked for Ford and Ford Credit
  • Annually, until full allocation of the net proceeds in the case of Ford, or until maturity in the case of Ford Credit
  • Allocation reporting and expected impact metrics, where feasible
  • Advanced rating from V.E in Second Party Opinion (SPO)


We have obtained a Second Party Opinion (SPO) from Vigeo Eiris (“V.E”) on the environmental and social benefits of the Framework as well as the alignment to the Principles, SBG and GLP.*

V.E considers the potential positive impact of the eligible projects on environmental and social objectives to be Advanced.

*The Framework has been developed in alignment with the International Capital Market Association (the ICMA) Green Bond Principles, 2021, the ICMA Social Bond Principles, 2021 (together, the Principles), the ICMA Sustainability Bond Guidelines, 2021 (the SBG) and the Loan Market Association Green Loan Principles, 2021 (the GLP), all of which recommend transparency and disclosure and promote integrity with respect to “sustainable” financing.

Integrated Report

Sustainable investing is key to Ford. Over 20 years ago, we launched the industry’s first Sustainability Report, demonstrating our commitment to environmental progress. In 2021, we combined our Annual and Sustainability Reports into an Integrated Annual Report to share a more holistic view of our performance – that success in sustainability on behalf of customers and other stakeholders requires a financially healthy business, and financial health depends on effectiveness in sustainability areas.

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